ICP –OES Analysis of Cheenalinga Chendooram

  • Rajini Srikajan PG Scholar, Department of Gunapadam, Government Siddha Medical College and Hospital, Palayamkottai.
  • Essakkypandian G Reader, Department of Gunapadam, Government Siddha Medical College and Hospital, Palayamkottai.
Keywords: Siddha Medicine for Keelvayu, Mineral Medicine, Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory


Siddhars knowledge about various herbs, metals and minerals are still undiscovered by the scientific world. It is mystery to the scientific society to evaluate the extraction of  a herbo – mineral formulation. Often medicines like parpam and chendooram in Indian system of medicine are frequently reported with heavy metal content above permissible limits by the western science according to siddha literature Cheenalinga Chendooram is a mineral medicine used in the treatment of Keelvayu (Arthritis).

            It has been decided to standardize the Cheenalinga Chendooram which is prepared as per the siddha literature Anuboga Vaithiya Navaneetham. The present study gains its own importance in the scientific society being focused on the analysis of heavy metal content in the siddha medicine Cheenalinga Chendooram using inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES) carried out at Sophisticated Analytical Instrument facility IITM, Chennai -36.


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